The Dior Dupe

Regular readers will know about my love of lip balm. And, if you know about that then you’ll probably know about my love of Dior Addict Lip Glow.

Dior 1

This is the best lip balm EVER. I love the feel of it. It doesn’t dry out my lips and I can still feel it working ages after application.

The other bonus is that although it’s not tinted it works to bring out the natural colour of your lips. On me it appears to be a dusky pink while on others it will appear as a rusty read or brighter colour. It can be used just as a balm or a primer, what’s not to love?


Well the price for a start. As a Dior product it was never going to be cheap but this little baby retails at £24 which is pretty steep for a lip balm. In it’s defense it’s a brilliant product and does last for ages. But still.

So you can imagine my delight when e.l.f. sent me an email about their now product e.l.f. studio Gotta Glow Lip Tint which looks to do EXACTLY the same thing as the Dior!


I first came across e.l.f. when their then distributor was closing down their UK website. I scored a bundle of stuff for next to nothing and I was nothing less than delighted with every single piece I bought.

Now the website is up and running again and adding new products for distribution every day including this little beauty which retails for just £7.50.

I haven’t tried this out yet but my experience of e.l.f. has been nothing but positive so far and I’m willing to bet this one won’t disappoint. There’s still time for Santa to fill some stockings!

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