Who are you?

My name is Kerry McKittrick and I was born and raised (most of the time) in Belfast. I’m somewhere in my 30s and work in the media. I live in East Belfast but spend a decent amound of time in south because of friends, family and boyfriend. I’ve spent time living in both London and Dublin and still have friends in both.

So why blog?

Well writing is part of my day job but there’s a lot of things I’m passionate about but I can’t use on a daily basis so I don’t have the correct platform. This way I get to write what I want, when I want.

What’s it really about?

Well I’m addicted to make-up and beauty products so there will be a fair amount of that. Also I see a lot of random stuff and hidden gems in around Belfast so there will be that too. I also like to travel, read and eat, so you can expect other reviews.

And the cat?The cat is called Nishka and was adopted from the Assissi Animal Sanctuary in October 2012. She’s a black cat with a white locket and other than being frickin’ IMPOSSIBLE to photograph, she’s the most adorable creature even while also a pain in the ass. Wouldn’t change her for the world.



Anything else?

I’m not a fashion blogger. Don’t get me wrong, I love clothes, shopping and so on and could happily shop ’til I drop. I just don’t have the time or money to be as invested in it as others. I’m also ridiculously selective so I can’t look at fashion with an objective eye.


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