DIY Guinness Bread from Browns

First things first, regular readers will know I’m a huge fan of the Browns Restaurants in Derry. You can read my review of Browns in Town here.

You might also know that I have been known to bake on occasion.

But I’m not much good at bread. There’s something about the salt/yeast ratio that always stymies me. So you can imagine my delight when my favourite restaurant sent me a ready-mixed bag of their amazing Guinness bread. Literally all I had to do was add the Guinness. Win lads, serious win.

b Browns Guinness Bread Mix

And it really is that simple. All you need is a bag of the bread mix, a can of Guinness and a well-buttered bread tin. I used a silicon bread tin which bulged slightly at one side but otherwise, it did the job rightly.

bread one
Browns Bread Mix and Guinness


  • Open bag, pour into bowl
  • Add Guinness, stir
  • Pour mixture into loaf tin
  • Sprinkle the top with oats
  • Bake
  • Eat


Any idiot can do it and, as if to prove that, I did. This stuff is amazing and will fill your house with the most gorgeous smell of baking Guinness. Of course you can put anything you like on top of it but I prefer good old-fashioned butter – it lets the flavours of the bread speak for themselves.


This handy kit can be bought in any of the Browns Restaurants or Ardtara House for £4 and it really is worth a go – we’ve already bought more to keep in the store cupboard!

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  1. Julie stewart says:

    Would like to buy the Guinness bread mix I live inLondon can I order some



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