Clarins – The Signature Facial @ House of Fraser

There are aspects of blogging I really love and being invited to try a Clarins Signature Facial is absolutely one of them.

My very first facial was a Clarins one but that was a very, very long time ago, so I jumped at the chance to experience it again. I was delighted to meet Emma at Belfast’s House of Fraser.

Clarins one

There are five signature facials to choose from but I decided to let my therapist decide. Emma was then able to tailor my facial to my skin type much more.

Clarins two

I think the mark of a good therapist is one who puts the lights up so she can have a really good look at your skin and Emma did just that. After a good cleanse it meant that she could really see what was going on. My main concerns were oily skin and texture as I’ve had a few breakouts recently.

Obviously, all of the products Emma used for me were Clarins, but not all are available to buy – certain peels should only be used under expert guidance which is absolutely fine by me.

My facial consisted of the deep cleanse, a peel, a mask and some fabulous oil and moisturiser. My favourite product was the Lotus Face Treatment Oil. The best part though was the massage. Often I book a massage with a facial but with the Clarins Signature Facial you really don’t need to. the whole thing includes massage of your face, shoulders, arms and even hands and it was delicious. I couldn’t swear that I didn’t actually nod off at one point (sorry Emma!).

There’s no pressure to buy with a Clarins facial but you are sent an email with the products the therapist has used and recommended.

But does it work? Facials are expensive things these days but I think the Clarins £70 for an hour and 25 minutes is pretty good value for money. A week later I can genuinely see a difference in my skin. The texture of my cheeks is visibly smoother and I’m not experiencing the weird little dry patches I always get so I’m sold. I think my skin looks fresher and brighter and possibly even a little younger so I’m certainly happy with that.

Regular readers will know I used Clarins stuff all the time but I would genuinely go back for another. Emma is just the sweetest person to talk to and the facial has made a real difference to my skin. A real winner.

You can book your facial now by contacting the Clarins counter at House of Fraser, Belfast on 028 9088 3700

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