New beauty favourite – Hempz

A package of rather unprepossessing stuff dropped through my door the other day. Hempz has been around for 20 years but it’s mostly an American brand. It won’t surprise you that these are beauty products created from hemp seed oil. And no, you will not enjoy yourself if you roll this stuff up and smoke it. But the good news is the hemp seed used in the Hempz range is full of vitamins and omega three oils.

Hempz Tahitian Vanilla and Ginger

So, I got send the Aromabody range – in this case I got a body moisturiser, body wash and body scrub. They do say that first impressions last but in this case they didn’t. I am totally and utterly sold with this stuff.

First of all, the scent really got me. These are all Tahitian Vanilla & Ginger and it’s gorgeous. It might be the addition of the ginger or the sweetness of the vanilla, but this sexy-spicey scent won me over immediately. According to the website the vanilla helps to calm and soothe while the ginger is an anti-inflammatory and hydrates. All Hempz products are paraben, gulten and THC-free and they’re vegan too.

Hempz Body moisturiserr

Oddly enough, another huge plus for me, that of the body scrub in particular. It comes in the same kind of tub that most scrubs come in, but with the addition of a pump. I tell you, this baby is never leaving my bathroom again. So much easier to use than faffing round with then tubs and lids. Genius idea that.

These aren’t the cheapest products on the market – the scrub costs £17.99, the body wash is £16.99 and the moisturiser is £7.49. The good news is that you get a lot for your money – the mosisturiser is 500ml and the other two weigh in over 200ml.

You can buy all of these and more Hempz products here

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