Kindess Drawers in Belfast This Christmas

Folks, the kindness drawers have returned to Belfast city centre. This is an amazingly simple but effective idea to give those in need some basic items during a cold winter.

In case you haven’t heard of these before, they’re drawers filling with basics – toothpaste, gloves, deodorant, tampons and other things for people who are homeless or sleeping rough.

Anyone can donate – there’s a full list below. If you’re in town doing some Christmas or sales shopping in the next couple of weeks it will take very little effort to pop a couple of items into your basket and then place them in the drawers. It could mean a rough sleeper has the chance to feel clean or warm or dry this winter. Something the rest of us take for granted.


For obvious reasons the kind souls behind this concept have asked that no sharp objects, hazardous materials or perishable items like food be included. And if at all possible please wrap any donations in plastic bags to keep them dry.

The Kindness Drawers are located in Jubilee Gardens – beside the Bullitt Hotel and St George’s Church, opposite Malmaison hotel.

Kindness drawers

For more information on the people behind the Kindness Drawers visit If you can please, please share this link or pass it on to everyone you can think of. At this cold, wet time of year, everything helps.


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