Have a Field Day with home fragrance candles


I’ve never blogged about interiors before but I do love them. I’m as much of a sucker for a good paint colour or stylish sofa as anyone else, but my real weakness is candles.

I LOVE candles. Any trip to Ikea will see me come home with literally hundreds of the things. When I shop in supermarkets or department stores I scour the shelves for reduced or cheap ones. I love cheap candles that look and smell expensive.

Just some of my current collection!

I light them wherever I go. I work from, usually at the kitchen table, and to banish last night’s cooking smells I tend to have something scented going on the kitchen table. I love the gentle light they give off – I hate overhead lights so my living room is usually lit by lamps and candles. Walking into a room scented by a nice candle is just lovely.

I tend to go for the budget friendly Ikea candles but my real favourites include the astonishingly gorgeous Sara Miller, Peckinsniffs (best found in TK Maxx), Howes Organic & Vegan (cruelty free!) and Olivia Blake – she also does aboslutely lovely bubble bath and often pairs with candles for the ultimate luxurious experience. I’m also really loving the new ranges from Primark of all places – they look considerably more expensive than they are and smell lovely. Pics below. The more scents the better, I’m really easy person to buy for, I just want candles and bubble bath.

But I digress, because the whole point of this post is about a home grown brand, called Field Day.

IMG_0895 - Copy

I really do love a local company because there are a lot of talented people in Northern Ireland and I want to help and support them as much as I can.

So Field Day has one of those great stories. It was founded as Bog Standard 15 years ago by a woman in Co. Down, Alix Mulholland. Alix started making soap at her mum’s kitchen table, armed with not much more than moulds, oils and a how-to book. Since then she has created candles, soaps, handcream, air fresheners and so on. Her scents are lovely, inspired by the countryside around her.

I have to admit, I’ve never once used a reed diffuser before but Field Day’s Linen is currently situated proudly on my fireplace and it’s gently fragrancing the whole house. Himself came home from work the other day and remarked on how clean it smelled. We have a cat so I’m absolutely taking that as a win.

I’m delighted to have discoverd this brand, not least because of the prices. The candle I have been sent (Garden), has a price tag of just £14. Burberry has on for sale at £295 so the sky really is the limit. Even the car fresheners only cost a princely £1.50.

So have a look at some of Northern Ireland’s talent the next time you fancy something light and bright to bring some warmth into your room. These lovelies are something special.

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