Belfast’s Newest Slice of the Connswater Community Greenway

I am ridiculously pleased to be writing a post about what is essentially a bit of pavement but it’s one of the many lovely things I’ve seen happening in east Belfast since moving back here last year.

It also helps that this particular part of the Greenway has opened just minutes from my front door and will make life considerably easier. The new path links Victoria Park and CS Lewis Square which itself is a hop, skip and pedal from the Comber Greenway. It’s all part of the new cycling infrastructure that’s coming into Belfast – and of course pedestrians can use it too.


So the path starts at the entrance of Victoria Park. If you don’t know where that is, it’s off Connsbrook Avenue on the Holywood Road – it’s well signposted so it’s easy to find.

I think they’ve done a terrific job with this path. It runs down the Connswater River and is surrounded by playing fields. It’s crossed in the middle by the James Ellis Bridge (named after the late Z Cars actor).

The path is interrupted by Mersey Street where they have created a safe crossing, again for both cyclists and pedestrians. It’s a great improvement on a very busy road.

The path finishes at CS Lewis Square, another new addition for east Beflast. Again it’s wonderful to see a bit of green in such an urban area and this path links the Holywood Road with the rest of Sydenham. sIMG_3640

The newly revamped Victoria Park and CS Lewis Square are lovely places to visit and now any Sunday afternoon walk has been made perfect with this link between them.  I love seeing new access roots all over the city.

It’s all happening in east Belfast and if you haven’t paid it a visit then you certainly should. For more about the whole project and some pretty interesting stuff about the area too visit the Connswater Community Greenway website.

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