Precious Nature Review – A Supersoft Treat For Your Hair

So confession time first, I never really know what to do with my hair. I wash, condition and then turn my head upside down to blow-dry. That’s about as far as it goes.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to pamper my hair the way I pamper the rest of myself. So when a hairdresser told me I should be using a hair mask, I could only be obedient.

The norm for a hair mask is that it should be used around once a week – no more for me as I have fine hair. The conventional wisdom is that it should be applied to wet or dry hair and then left for as long as you want – people have been know to sleep in their hair masks.

I tend to apply mine in the bath – root to tip – and then relax or do something else for a bit – relax, shave my legs, exfoliate, that kind of thing. Then I go on to shampoo as normal. I don’t condition after a mask – that strikes me as overkill.


I’ll always jump at trying something new so when Alfaparf Milano’s Precious Nature for thirsty hair arrived at my door I jumped at the chance.

This is lovely stuff – the products I recieved came from the berries & apple range and smelled divine. I also liked that these aren’t particularly heavy products – my fine hair can get greasy or weighed down by certain products but that wasn’t the case with these. In fact, my hair has never, ever felt so soft. Even after using heat spray before blowdrying.


My favourite part of the range was the Infusion – a leave in formula that makes your hair soft and shiny and very luxurious feeling. This is exactly the kind of thing for after a wedding or big do where your hair has had a real battering from styling product and pins. Might help with the hangover too…

You can buy this lovely stuff at salons nationwide – but follow this link to the Alfaparf Milano Facebook page for more information.  Prices start at £10.50 for the shampoo and finish at £17.50 for the infusion.




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