Pixi by Petra Review – It’s All About Simple Make-uP

I think it can be difficult, when writing about skincare and make-up, not to find yourself in a rut. We all have our favourites, the tried and tested products that we’ll go back to time and again because we know they work or look good on us.

So it can be hard to find brands that you haven’t used before but I was lucky enough to be introduced to Pixi by Petra.


You’ve probably heard of it. Pixi is the kind of brand that has a quick fix or handy product for just about anything. As any respectable brand should, there are several Pixi products that die-hard beauty addicts swear by – Glow Tonic, Fairy Dust and Sheer Cheek Gel are just a few.

I got to meet the lovely Amanda Bell, Pixi’s Artistic Director, and talk about make-up for half an hour. Sheer bliss. And I came away with a lovely goodie bag with lots of nice things as you do from such meetings, but there are only a couple of them that I want to wax rhapsodical about now.

To be clear, I have never, ever used a Pixi product before now but I have instantly fallen in love with this little beauty, the Palette Rosette.


Pixi do plenty of palettes – brows, contouring, blush and so on but this is now something I use every day. It conveniently has a blush, bronzer, and glow powder with a trio for highlighting, day and night eyes and eyebrows all put together in one. It’s honestly the handiest thing I’ve ever owned with the added bonus that the blush is a perfect shade for me. It was perfect timing too as I was on the hunt for a new one.

I love each and every shade on this palette and love that they stay where they are supposed to. Pixi isn’t the most expensive brand on the block  – this kit costs £22 – but I don’t think they lack in quality in any way.


Negatives? Well I have to admit there is one. The packaging seems a little cheap to me – particularly with the clear plastic cover which reminds me of the paint sets I had as a kid. In saying that, it does allow for each thing in the palette to be easily identified. Perfect for someone as unskilled as me!

The other product I want to talk about is the Ultimate Beauty Kit. Apparently this is the third one but I love it -40 gorgeous shades of eye shadow, not to mention numerous face powders for creating any look you could want. And it only costs £28.

I don’t don’t know if it’s meant to be this way but Pixi tones seems to suit my lily-white skin really well and as yet I’ve seen nothing I haven’t been impressed by. So expect to see more in this space.


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