Tasty Treats @ Bullitt in Belfast

Trendy concept hotel Bullitt has opened in Belfast and it’s the place to be these days for just about everything.


Fancy a gourmet coffee? They’ll see you right with their Kees Van Der Westen coffee machine. Need a place for a meeting in Belfast city centre? They have superfast wifi and USB points. There’s the courtyard cocktail bar and a one or two hotel rooms too :P.

But myself and a few other bloggers were invited along to sample the menu in the new Taylor & Clay restaurant.


Bullitt are very proud of their restaurant and deservedly so. No detail has been left aside, from the art to the decor to the amazing Asador Grill. You can’t miss it, it’s the big flamey thing behind the bar. I can tell you that now that we’ve hit winter, a seat at the counter opposite the grill is the coziest place to be. That’s where we sat ourselves as the head chef told us about our menu.

Chef and grill.jpg

Nothing at all is run of the mill in this place. The menu contains a selection of small plates as well as full plates -charred and smoked on the grill to perfection.


Check out this little beauty. Toonsbridge mozarella, charred peach and harisa paste. Speaking of harisa paste there’s quite a lot of middle eastern influence on the menu which I love. If you need a nibble certainly check out the flatbreads and bits, the ‘bits’ will change constantly but I genuinely haven’t tasted flatbread this good anywhere outside of Greece.


They love their ingredients at Bullitt, below is what looks like a simple burger with some relish beside it. In fact the relish is bois bourdran created by uberchef Michel Roux and the burger has a lovely distinctive taste given to it by, of all things, kelp.


And for the piece de resistance (forgive my lack of accents, can’t be bothered looking for them!) we got a sample of Wagyu Beef.


Wagyu beef is one of the most expensive in the world from specially raised cows. I’m not going to swear by this but I’m not stranger to fine dining and I’ve never seen it on a menu in Northern Ireland. On the sample menu we were given on the day it was price on asking – everything else on the menu had a price beside it.

But how does it taste? Well of all five of us who got a taste, we all came out with ‘mmmmmmmm’.

Small plates like these in Taylor & Clay start from £4 and there are different variations available in Baltic, the ski-themed bar in the hotel. They’re great to go with a drink and a very welcome change to the chicken wings that you find all over Belfast.

If you haven’t checked out Bullitt yet then it’s certainly worth a look for a coffee or a cocktail or a meal. You can even stay the night!

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