Thai-Riffic! (sorry)

I really am loving Northern Ireland’s Year of Food and Drink, not least because I keep getting invited to these wonderful events.

Belfast’s latest culinary offering has just opened its doors and even though the weather was tipping it down on the night the great and good of the city were cramming themselves in to try some tasty treats.


Camile is a Thai take-away that works much along the lines to restaurants such as Boojum or Bubbacue. Located on Belfast’s Lisburn Road (where the old Marks & Spencer was), you arrive, order at the counter (or online, or phone your order in) and hey presto, you have a bag of lovely hot food.

Not my food! I just happened to grab a snap of a passing tray. 

It is designed as a take away but of course they have a swish eating area if you’re on the go. I did take pics of it but it was so busy it’s hard to see the interior!

I love takeaways like this – give me one of these over super-saturated in fat Five Guys any day. The meat used is all Irish as are the veg (where possible). It’s all fresh and made from scratch – you can see the chefs hard at work in the open kitchen. There are all sorts of nibbly bits at the counter and on the menu if you get the munchies while waiting for your order


We had ours to take away – although that didn’t stop us from sampling the spring rolls while we waited. I opted for the crispy chilli chicken with a side of jasmine rice – I LOVE Jasmine rice.


My meal was absolutely delish and not too spicy for my sensitive palate – it comes in rather funky American-style take away boxes that somehow managed to keep the food warm in spite of a 20 minute drive home.


They really do try to have something for everyone at this place. The calories of each dish are on the menu, there’s a children’s selection, a low calorie selection and even a doggy treat!

Camile is up and running now and it’s the perfect weekend takeaway (or any other night for that matter).

For menus, prices and more information and to place your order visit


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