With The Good Comes The Bad

I wouldn’t be a proper blogger if it was all sunshine and sparkles. Sometimes I’m sent products or even buy products that just don’t come up to scratch.

I was very excited with my foray into No. 7 at Boots a little while ago. I bought Beautifully Matte Make-up Base, Beautiful Skin Eye Make-up Remover and Extreme Length Waterproof Mascara.

AA Base

The primer isn’t bad, it’s very functional as a during the week daytime primer. I actually find it works quite well on the eyes – I’m a terrible one for getting eye shadow lines and this product goes a long way to combat that.

AA Eye make up

The eye make-up remover is terrible stuff, simply because it doesn’t remove mascara – any kind. It ended up in the bin.


And finally the mascara – this has been hanging around my bathroom for ages and I only broke it out a couple of weeks ago.

My only question is, where does it go?

I applied this liberally as I always do with mascara. Having blonde eyelashes I coat them – top and bottom – with lots of thick black mascara. When I started using the No. 7 product I thought it looked a little wimpy. This can happen with new mascaras as the brush hasn’t time to get fully coated with product.

The main problem I had with this mascara was how much was left at the end of the day. Obviously your make-up will wear off as you go about your business but with this Extreme Length Mascara there was NOTHING left. Honestly, it looked like I hadn’t put anything on at all. Not good.

I’m quite disappointed with my No. 7 haul. I always think of the brand as a slightly posh, mid-range line. A good place to go if you can’t quite afford the bigger names with bigger prices. With what I bought however, even though it was a three for two deal, I felt like I was paying for nothing more than the name and packaging. I absolutely know that I can get better products out there for a fraction of a cost. I think from now on I’ll be giving my £5 vouchers away, this brand just isn’t worth the money.

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