Flash Blog – Estee Lauder Mascara Review

The lovely girls from Estee Lauder came to see me a few weeks ago and left me with a whole host of products to try out.

I’m getting through them bit by bit but it struck me this morning how much I like the mascara they gave me.

I only started using the Sumptuous Extreme Waterproof Mascara because it was the first thing I put my hand on when my last one ran out.

AAA Mascara

But it is sumptuous. It’s lovely and thick and only requires one coat. In fact if you put on two you would look a little like you were wearing bad falsies.

AAA Mascara 1

 I also like the brush, it’s a tapered one and gives your lashes the flicky, winged type look.

AAA Mascara

And yes, it’s waterproof. In fact if you don’t remove it, it stays put. More than once when I haven’t bothered taking off my make-up I’ve woken up still wearing it.

I also think the price, coming from a premium brand such as Estee Lauder is pretty reasonable at £23.

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