L’Oreal Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover – The Review

Blogging isn’t all sunshine and roses and from the very beginning I’ve made sure to include the bad with the good.

For ages I’ve been using Nivea’s Eye Make-Up remover on the recommendation of another blogger. I’ve been using it for ages because it seemed to last forever and did exactly what it said on the tin (well, bottle).

But eventually the bottle did give up the ghost so I decided to find out what else was on the market. On a trip to Tesco I discovered L’Oreal Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover on offer at £2.50. Under the impression that at that level most products are much of a muchness I popped it in the trolley. Turns out, I was wrong.


The first noticeable thing about using this product is that, ever so slightly, it stings. Which I don’t like. The second thing I noticed is that every time I use it there seems to be a lot less black on the cotton pad than I’ve seen before.  I haven’t changed my make-up in the last week so it looks as if it’s just not lifting the product off my eyes.

Finally, the evidence is still there the next morning when I step out of the shower with big black circles under my eyes.

I have nothing against L’Oreal but this stuff is simply not cutting the mustard. I’m wearing non-waterproof mascara that my Nivea product was able to shift no problem. Nope, thanks L’Oreal, I’m heading back for something that works.

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