Flash Blog – My favourite thing about the Christmas Sales

This isn’t going to be an image heavy post – I just can’t get the graphics.

But I did want to share my absolute favourite thing about the January sales.

Bath 3

Everyone else piles into town to stock on clothes bargains but I head to Boots?


Well for the bubble bath of course!

Bath 2

I try to buy an entire year of bubble bath each January, always for reduced prices. You can get some seriously nice stuff. This year, after spending just £20 I came away with Jenny Packham, Royal Jelly, Champneys, Ted Baker and the White Company. It’s also worth popping into Lush – all of their jauntily wrapped gift sets come seriously down in price around this time of year too. And you know your bathroom will smell divine simply by putting Lush products in it.


I don’t use body lotion much so instead of sets that included it I went for individual bubble baths and crèmes. Most of these come in rather fabulous glass bottles which I’ll be refilling throughout the year. At the moment my bathroom closely resembles an apothecary of yore.

So that’s where I splash my cash in January – the bubbles!

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