Skinician – Local Skincare Hero

Like everyone else I would imagine my skin has been suffering from the weather. In the cold and the wind I notice plenty more blotches and red patches on my skin. It’s not helped by central heating either, thanks to that I now get dry patches on my normally oily skin.

Skinician 1

I decided to try the set of skincare that local brand Skinician gave me. This is the force behind He-Shi and Tantastic fake tans, both off which I’m a big fan. I also wanted to try out a local range for a change.

As many bloggers will agree it can be hard to stick with one skincare range – I flit around cleansers, moisturizers and serums like you wouldn’t believe but for my skin’s sake I decided to settle down to one brand for a while.

So for the last couple of weeks I’ve been using Skinician cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser and I noticed the difference straight away. Gone are the nasty blotches that appear on my cheeks in the cold leaving me with noticeably smoother and less blemished skin. I also haven’t had a single spot the whole time I’ve been using it.

skinician 2

What strikes me most about the Skinician brand is how thick and luxurious the products are without feeling heavy on my skin – the moisturiser and serum sinks into my skin straight away. The other thing is that a little will go a very, very long way. Although creams are sold in 50ml tubes you need a tiny amount each time.

Prices start at around £15 for the Gel cleanser and £35 for the Time Delay Day Cream. Skinician products are mostly available in salons around Belfast including La Bella Vita and B’Pure in Dundonald. You can also treat yourself to a Skinician facial starting at £50.

For more information on Skinician go to

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