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Perfume 2

I know how many out there in the bloggersphere adore beauty boxes like Birchbox, Glossy Box and Feel Unique. I saw this in my inbox today and thought I should share it because I know it will have many out there very excited.

Amazing fragrance website The Perfume Society has just brought out their own version of the beauty box, the Fashion & Fragrance Box which will have samples of wonderful scents each month.

Picture 2732

It works about the same as a typical beauty box with a £12.50 monthly subscription fee (£10 to VIP Subscribers) and delightfully there are no hidden postage and packaging costs.

I’ll be bringing you a review of the fashion & fragrance box soon but in the meantime I urge you all to check out The Perfume Society website. It’s utterly addictive with histories of perfume houses, profiles on the noses behind famous scents and even a history of perfume itself. Utterly addictive.

My favourite parts are the articles about the scents people in the know are currently wearing but if there’s anything you want to know about fragrance and perfume then this is the place to start.

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