First Gordons Chemists Post – Sally Hansen Salon Manicure

So my first ever product review as the Gordons Chemists blogger in residence and I’m going to go for the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure.

Now I’m sure I’ve mentioned Sally Hansen nail varnishes before – I have TONS of them as they are one of my favourite brands. They come in just about every shade you can think of – with new ones launching all the time – and are a very reasonable £6.99 for such a high quality product.

Gordons Chemists sent me two shades to try out – Blue Streak and Tahitian Sunset – and I went with the Blue Streak. I love them both but I’m saving the Tahitian Sunset for sunny days (looks despairingly at grey sky).

SH Bottles

The special thing about the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure is that it has everything you need in one handy bottle; a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, colour and top coat. For someone who has ridiculously soft, peely nails this varnish is a godsend. Normally nail varnish lasts a day on me – I can’t abide chips so I take it all off. However, this is how my nails looked after day three:


Colour me impressed, I didn’t even use a base coat, just two coats of varnish.

I’ll say again that I really do adore these varnishes. Not only do they stand the test of time on your nails but in the bottle too. Not one has ever gone all gloopy and sticky on me, they’re more likely to run out completely than to do that.

The Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure is available from Gordons Chemists or from You can find the varnishes by following this link but the site also features other wonder products by Sally Hansen; Gem Crush top coats, nail strengtheners and cuticle treatments.

So my advice is that if you’re only going to buy one nail colour this month, make it Sally Hansen from Gordons Chemists.

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  1. silverbrogues says:

    I love Sally Hansen quick dry to apply over your polish! I would never have painted nails if it wasn’t for this product!


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