Getting Lippy

I didn’t think I was a lip-balm addict until I started writing this post. I decided to take pics of all the lip balms I had in my bag/at home/on the desk and er… well there are quite a few and I know I haven’t found half of them.

I’m going to start off with the tried and tested one that absolutely everyone should have a pot of. Yes it’s good old Vaseline.



Priced around £1.50 in an iconic little pot that heals many ills – not just your lips. I go for the Aloe Vera purely because I like the smell.


Next I’m choosing Burt’s Bees Refreshing Lip Balm with pink grapefruit. At £3.69 I most likely wouldn’t have bought it myself – it was a gift – but I’ve really grown to love the flavour. The grapefruit is lovely and refreshing and it doesn’t leave you with dry lips as many lip balms actually do.


This little one arrived at my desk around Valentine’s Day. As Kiehl’s is quite new to Belfast I’m still getting to know the brand and what they do.

Again this is expensive at £9.50 but it’s been a lovely little life-saver during the winter. I like I can still feel it on my lips a couple of hours application and funny little things like the screw top keep it intact through the ravages of my handbag.


This one I’ve probably written about before.



Dior Addict Lip Glow is the desert island product for me. It costs £22.50 but it feels amazing and also slightly tints your lips – the look is different on everyone as it works with the pigment in your lips. I absolutely love it and tend to keep it close at hand in my pocket. It won’t be long before I’ve run out!


I also have to give Nivea a mention – this is the lip balm I keep on my bedside table. Having dry lips at night can actually keep me awake so I slick some on just before turning out the light


(excuse the terrible pic)

I actually can’t remember where this came from and I don’t seem to be able to find it online. I’m confident enough though that everyone should be happy to try out a Nivea lip balm.





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