Colour Me Unimpressed

There is absolutely not point in me blogging about things if I’m going to be nice about everything all the time. If I use something that I find to be particularly bad then I will write a bad review of it.

And this is my first one.

I picked up a new eyeliner from Bourjois the other day. It’s been a while since I bought felt-tip eyeliner and I actually found them hard to come by but I went with Liner Feutre, in black obviously, from Boots priced £6.99.


Now I like Bourjois products and I’m a big fan of their blusher so choosing it wasn’t a stretch. I also liked the fact that the liner promised things like ‘long-lasting hold’.

HAH! Is all I can say to that.

I must say I found the liner tricky to apply as the tip is a bit thicker than I’ve used before. The first real problem though was it ended up EVERYWHERE. If any of it got any where near my fingers then it would spread all over my hands. I don’t think I’ve ever used such a transferable product. It felt like there was more of it on my face and hands then around my eyes.

Problem number two was staying power. I put some on the other day when going to the Merchant Hotel Fabulous Fashion Tea – an event where you look your best. Now I have dark grey eyeliner tattooed on but every now and again I vamp things up with the full black.

That day I put my make-up on a little later than usual as it was the weekend, I didn’t cry, sleep, laugh uncontrollably, or rub my eyes. This is what I looked like by the end of the day.



In case my bathroom lighting isn’t quite good enough what you’re looking at there are big, black streaks running down my cheeks – the right one in particular.

I do appreciate that it can be difficult to make eyeliner with sticking power but this was ridiculous. This product simply ended up all over me so I have to heartily recommend that this is one to avoid!






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