My new favourite foundation

I’ll admit that foundation rarely impresses me. I have oily skin which means that even with the best primers and make-up setting products out there by 3pm there’s little evidence on my face that I was wearing any at all.

I also admit that I tend to go for high-end foundations. Although I wear it almost every day I don’t plaster it on with a trowel so I feel it’s worth my while to splash out for a high-end product. That is, until recently.


I decided I should try a different foundation out there and as I have little to no experience with Bourjois I thought I would try out their 1,2,3 Perfect Foundation. I didn’t know anything about it and one of the deciding factors for me – as it always is – was that they have a shade light enough to suit my lily-white skin.

Apparently this foundation is all-singing, all-dancing. According to the blurb it will last for 16 hours, keep my skin hydrated but not shiny. The 123 factor comes from the colour correcting pigments in the foundation. Yellow hides dark circles, mauve corrects dullness and green neutralises redness.

Does it work? Well I think so. I have to say I think it makes my skin look gorgeous when applied and I find one small squire of the pump applicator provides more than enough coverage for me. It’s still there after a hard days work and conceals plenty of blemishes. It doesn’t feel heavy or give me spots like other foundations have been known to do.  All this for the bargain price of £10.99, less than half of my usual spend.


(In the photo I’m also wearing Estee Lauder blusher that’s been discontinued, L’Oreal False Lash Telescopic Waterproof Mascara and Marks & Spencer lipgloss)


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