One of my favourite pastimes

Is doing my nails.


I’m saying I’m any good at it. Can’t do any of that fancy nail art malarky. In fact me doing my nails is essentially painting the top half of my finger with colour and picking it off after it dries.

Still, that doesn’t stop me,  nor does the fact that my nails are in a shocking condition.

Years and years of biting them has left them very soft and liable to peel. They also grow quite fast which makes them very brittle.

I recently discovered a little gem to help me in the battle against nail breakage.



Many hand models will tell you that almond oil is the very best thing for your nails, so I have a nightly regime of working this into my fingernails every night. It costs £7 from The Body Shop and certainly leaves my nails less liable to peel.

I’m on a bit of a nail varnish fast at the moment, not least because my collection looks like this


On my last count, after a clear out which got rid of 17 nail varnishes, I had 34. That’s more than enough for anyone. That doesn’t stop the occaisional package that arrives at work with a couple of my favourite brands; Sally Hensen




And Rimmel




So if anyone sees me anywhere near a nail polish stand, tackle me to the ground before I buy anything will you?


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