Did I mention?

That I want your money?


Well consider this a great, big, gigantic hint.

Yes I, like so many others am doing dry January again. I do it most Januarys. Yes, I know there is doubtful medical evidence that it does any good. To be honest though, by the time January 1 comes around the idea of alcohol (or even food) is enough to send me over the edge.


I’m relieved to say I don’t find it that much of a challenge. In fact it’s rather nice to wake up on Saturday and Sunday mornings feeling clear as a bell. I also like finding things to do that doing involve alcohol. In January I tend to rediscover the delights of ten-pin bowling and air hockey. I go for long walks and spend time in coffee shops having clear-headed catch ups with friends.

I don’t do any silly detox things, no weird potions or strange teas. Well, no more than normal, I’m the world’s biggest fan of jasmine green tea, but that’s another story. Just lots of water and no alcohol.


In case you hadn’t quite figured out where this blog post was going, I’m about to ask you for money.

Given it’s something I do every year I thought this year I should do it for a good cause, which is why I have become a Dryathlete to raise money for Cancer Research.

I doubt there is anyone left out there who has not been touched by cancer so if your bank balance will allow, a donate of £1 would make my (and many other’s) day. The Just Giving like is below, all you have to do is click.

<a href='http://www.justgiving.com/Kerry-McKittrick-dryathlete' title='JustGiving - Sponsor me now!' target='_blank'><img src='http://www.justgiving.com/App_Themes/JustGiving/images/badges/badge10.gif' width='270' height='50' alt='JustGiving - Sponsor me now!' /></a>



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