A week of do-gooding.

I like doing things for charity when I can’t. I’m not a runner so I’m never going to do a marathon but I did managed to walk 10 miles for Action Cancer ;ast year.

So my challenge for the next week will be to bank all of my good deeds for the next week at http://www.poweringkindness.ie – the idea being the more good deeds banked for a particular charity (I’ll be banking for Special Olympics Ireland) will edge that charity closer to a share of €100,000.

I like this campaign. It’s going to raise awareness as (hopefully) everyone taking part will be tweeting, facebooking and other social mediaing to raise awareness.

I’ve been thinking about it for the last week or so and I’m struggling to come up with good deeds. I’m not a mean person – I help blind people and little old ladies cross the street. I’m always ready to lend an ear for a friend in need. I think i’ll have to step it up though – expect some baking next week and maybe boyfriend might get his bathroom cleaned for him too.

Anyway, keep an eye on Twitter (@kerrybel) or Facebook for the good deeds. I’ll do another blog post at the end of the week to let you know how it went.

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  1. vicki says:

    great post, thank u for stopping by my blog and commenting 🙂 x


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