A few of my favourite things

I’ve been a bad blogger recently because I keep getting tied up in other things so I’ve decided to set myself the challenge of blogging AT LEAST twice a week from now on.

This is a simple post – just of few of my can’t-live-without products. This is the bargain bucket lot – I would imagine there will be quite a few of these posts!

First off, Boots Essentials Eye Make-Up Removal Pads, £1.50



Now I’m sure make-up artists out there are shuddering at the thought but these little suckers have become a firm fixture in my make-up bag, especially when I’m travelling. They seem to tackle just about every kind of waterproof mascara and I don’t have to fiddle around with cotton pads. Funnily enough I’ve tried the liquid eye-make up remover from the same brand and it’s next to useless.

Oh, and did I mention they cost about £1.50?

Next is Superdrug Vitamin E Exfoliating Facial Scrub




My skin seems to really like anything to do with vitamin E and this wee gem feels lovely on my skin. The texture is really nice – not too rough so I use it twice a week for a lovely glow.


Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream, £3.25



Is there really anyone out there who doesn’t have some kind of Nivea product in their bathroom cabinet? There’s something about Nivea products that make my skin heave a huge sigh of relief every time I put them on.  It doesn’t hurt that they’ve asked a desinger to create three funky new pots for them either.


Rimmel Sunshimmer Gradual Glow, £5.99



This one is a recent find – I honestly don’t know where it’s been all my life.

I was heading to a black tie do a few weeks ago and although i put some fake tan on the night before I felt I didn’t feel it was quite dark enough on my lily white skin. I set out to look for just the right shade of bronzer – difficult because most of them seem too muddy or too orange on me. I don’t trust wash off tan – what if it rains and I end up streaked like a tiger?

This though came to the rescue. I got the instant colour I needed with the security that a mild fake tan would develop through out the night. It worked too, staying put until 3am. I also loved the colour, it wasn’t too orange and doesn’t smell too strongly.

And not least, Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel, £2.99


Pencilling in my eyebrows is relatively new to me but as you can see by the wear and tear on the pencil it’s becoming a common event.

I’ve noticed that filling in my sandy-coloured eyebrows gives real definition to my face and thankfully this pencil isn’t too dark that it makes me look like a Desperate Scousewife. The little brush on the lid also really helps with shaping so it’s an added bonus too.


So these are just a snapshot of my favourite things. Excuse my terrible photography (and manicure) but I decided to take photos of things in my house so you can tell I actually used them.

I’ll do the expensive version soon!






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