A Night At The National

There’s nothing like an original invitation to an event and this one certainly caught my eye when it arrived on my desk last week.



Nothing says party like a crate full of hay!

Still I couldn’t help being intrigued as to what Belfast’s newest night spot so I toddled along on Saturday night. Just so you know The National Grand Cafe is in the old national bank building on Belfast’s High Street. It’s opposite the In Shops carpark and beside Bert’s Jazz Bar.



This is the newest brain child of the group behind the Merchant Hotel so as you can imagine it’s been put together rather nicely. Inside it’s not unlike a New York loft with a double height ceiling, polished concrete floor, bare brick and blonde wood decorated with eclectic modern art.

It’s spacious with plenty of seats and the outside space has to be worth a mention. A large private area with its own fully stocked bar – my pics don’t do it justice.



The large space already there is set to double too – it’s the only part of the establishment not finished.  A relief that. Nothing irks me more at openings than coming away with smudges of wet paint all over me because it hasn’t had time to dry.

The National will be a great spot for coctails in the evening. At £8 a pop they are pricey but they are LOVELY and original (the one on a right is an El Diablo, nom)



By day however, this will be Belfast’s smartest eaterie for those who brunch and lunch – there will even be a patisserie next door.

Come the summer this place will be hoppping with its stunning outdoor space. I have no doubt that until then it will be a to-be-seen-at destination long before then.



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