Lovely Lips

I love my lippy

I’m a massive friend of the red lip. I noticed that a crimson pout will distract from any blemishes I have no my face so I don’t leave the house without myself. Of course it doesn’t always have to be bright red, a nice dusky pink does just as well depending on the occaision.

I must say though I like my lippy to stay where it’s supposed. I was slightly disappointed when tried out NYC Expert Last Air Kiss available from Superdrug for the princely sum of £1.99 as you can tell.

The colour is gorgeous but there is no staying power. Every cup and glass I go near gets covered in red goo as to my hands if they go anywhere near my face. Wearing this I just started to get paranoid that my lipsick was covering my face in red streaks.

NYC lips aren’t all bad though. they recently brought out these little jobbies for a steal at £2.49. A dash of colour with a balm core making them the handiest thing to keep in your handbag. You can colour and moisturise at the same time, particularly handy for the winter. The colour is also sheer enough for you to apply on the go and avoid looking like a clown.

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