About Me


Instead of giving you a big load of text about myself I thought I would put up a Q&A. If there’s anything I haven’t answered yet, lemme know.

Q. Why are you doing this?

I love to write and rant. I get to write during my day job but that’s mostly about other people and I don’t have a platform for the things I’m passionate about. This is where I can talk about lipstick, books and black tights all I like.

Q. Why black tights?

Black tights are the saviour of all living in wet, windy cities such as Belfast. Watch this space for more on them.

Q. Where are you from?

Belfast, born and raised. I’ve spent stretches of time in and around London for both work and study and a year in Dublin. Although I’m not adverse to moving if the conditions are right I’ve decided life is easier in our wee city than anywhere else. I’m also delighted to be in what is turning into a kick-ass destination for just about anything.

Q. The books?

I love to read but please don’t be fooled into thinking I’m some kind of intellectual snob. I adore trashy fiction. If it’s by Jilly Cooper, Jill Mansell, Maeve Binchey or JK Rowling I’m all over it. Also adore Ian Banks (RIP) and the great Margaret Attwood. I’ve given up trying to read worthy things, I just dive into what I enjoy.

Q. Why does your blog look so dull?

When I started blogging I realised just how lacking my IT skills really are.  Give me time – I’m working on it!

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